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Concept Project

The Concept Project is designed to offer you the opportunity to imagine an interactive art work without the constraints of available resources. It centers on an idea that you are passionate about. It is not bound by your budget, access to space, the availability of the technology that you suggest, nor your current set of skills.

The Concept proposal provides an opportunity to think in the medium of interactive art.
As you describe your concept you will be communicating your ideas related to interactivity in art, what it means to you, and how you imagine people encountering, engaging or otherwise interacting with you project.

Use any media necessary to convey your idea. Visual media such as drawings, photos, video, animations, text, diagrams, audio are among the media that may be useful. Your goal is to communicate your project concept such that other people are able to imagine it as clearly as you do.

By design, the Concept Proposal does not describe a project that you are required to realize, rather it's purpose is to stretch your imagination.

If you choose to, you can use the Concept Project as an opportunity to develop a project that has been on your mind, one that you would like to realize.