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Concept Proposal

My concept is loosely based on some scientific fields. I drew ideas from ecology, in terms of interrelationships of organisms, and influence of environment on behavior. Also string theory, a field of theoretical physics, which implies universal connectivity.


Sensors obtain measurements from predetermined locations outdoors, such as the tree outside our classroom window. This environmental data includes sunlight and wind speed, as well as temperature. The data is abstracted into a value, and translated into parameters through coding and algorithms.

The way this works, is that all measured environmental factors will contribute to the overall value of environmental vitality. This figure will increase with energy received from the sun, and decrease in times of low sunlight, for example. The idea is not to replicate nature, but abstract the constant flows of energy into material for an ongoing artistic representation of these processes.

A second value will measure human activity inside and at arbitrary locations outside the digital ecosystem, the presentation space.

Human activity value will be represented in the environment through introduction of simulated organisms, and their interactions. The humans in the space will, in real time, effectively become the organisms in the space, as well as influence these same organisms through their actions in the space.

A warm sunny day will translate into certain activity in the digitally created ecosystem. The translation will be determined by the computer program/code and will be variable according to the users. Control of the parameters, and mapping of environmental data will occur through a system with terminal inside the presentation space. With different templates, the ecosystem will translate values obtained through sensors into entirely different landscapes, to allow many possibilities for the user's interaction.