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Haegue Yang-Artist Talk

The most interesting part of this talk for me was when Yang discusses the democratic space that the setup creates. Curator Doryun Chong then begins to talk about the perceptual experiences that we have when we wake up, especially in public spaces, walking through airports, etc. without being fully aware of our surroundings. I feel that Yearning Melancholy Red reflects this idea well because it seems as a viewer we are entering into a surreal world without an acute sense of time or space. I would like to hear this topic touched on more by the artist rather than the curator. When Yang talks about her installation, she says the whole structure is kind of breathing, and how the moving lights reveal the structure of the lines. I don't know that I had this same experience in the installation, but thinking about it as such is an interesting angle that I can understand.
I also liked how she discussed the exclusion of power in her work, how the player of the drums cannot see the effect they are creating with the light, which was something I definitely experienced in partaking in the space.

-Robin Schwartzman