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Julia Masvernat

Masvernat is an Argentinian artist, born 1973 in buenos aires. She works as a visual artist and graphic designer. Her work is developed through various medias and techniques: wooden objects, cutout paper installation, shadow projections, interactive audiovisual games, web platforms. The intimate relationship with the materials and their transformations (of form and meaning) is a recurring theme in her projects. She has exposed works in various individual and group shows (C.C.R.Rojas, C.C. Recoleta, CCEBA, arteBA, VideoBrasil, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación PROA, Galería BM). She is a university professor in electronic art and gives a youth-oriented workshop in visual arts. She's now working for a Non Governmental Organization teaching kids from a poor neighbourhood.

"What I like to do is take one thing and turn it into another, with few resources, like a transformation action. The idea is to put all of this in context: the city, the country, what is going on around us"

Ten years ago she started working for one of the most important argentine newspapers, and discovered the Internet. She worked on design and other products. "It's all about experience and perception: colours, sounds, I like people to get inside my work and participate in it."