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For my concept piece, I want to create a video that the viewer is allowed to interact with and control. The idea is to have two or three screens lined up next to each other and video will play on the one screen that the viewer is standing in front of. There will be sensors that activate the "play" button for the video that the person is standing in front of. So if the viewer moves to stand in front of the the next video, the previous video will pause and then the new video that the person stands in front of starts to play. The idea is based off of feelings for wasted media use and also the interaction with video is very interesting to me. A lot of times, we watch movies and TV because we don't want to interact with things/people/work, etc. because we want to "shut down". So I'm interested in the viewer being able to think about what they are seeing and to be able to create their own story out of what they are seeing, just by playing with the timing of the video's. Ideally, there would be motions that the viewer could do (example: stomp or clap) in front of the video to skip ahead if they didn't like what was happening in the video at that time. This kind of interaction forces the viewer to be aware of what they are seeing, because the video only plays when it has the viewers direct attention. The video content is still under consideration, because there are a few different directions that I could take it in. But overall, the video content will obviously be very important in determining how the viewer interacts with the piece.