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Robin Schwartzman-Concept Proposal

My concept proposal is something that I actually want to see through to the end of the semester. I want to create an entirely artificial sculptural landscape in which the viewer is invited to participate. The landscape will look something like this:

The "island" will be constructed of layered insulation foam covered in turf. The clovers and flowers will be cut paper on wire. IMG_4573.jpgThe tree will be a hollow structure of paper-mached chicken wire and paint chips acting as leaves. The apple half eyes will be made of foam and the picnic blanket will be real fabric.

As the viewer steps onto this island they can search the clovers for one four-leafed clover and upon picking it will be rewarded with audio. When one attempts to pick any of the flowers, they will scream in pain. When one walks onto the picnic blanket, small fans from within the canopy of the tree will turn on, thus rustling the leaves. If one dares to pick an apple half, the tree will groan in angry agony.

An additional thought I had was to create a video of a costumed character interacting with the piece. Within the video, all of the audio actions will be positive sounds...giggles, sighs of pleasure, etc. Then, by watching this video, the viewer will be encouraged to also interact with the sculpture in the same way, except the live version will contain the more negative reactions described above.