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Touch Prototype Presentation October 20th

This is an invitation to expand your ideas about the sense of touch and how touch can engage people in the experience of your artwork.

This prototype is focused on the responsiveness of interactive art that is created when the wires in a circuit are connected and disconnected, switched on or switched off.

Rather than thinking about switches, we are exploring this as an extension of our sense of touch. How can we imagine opening and closing a circuit through touch beyond the convention of a button that is pressed.

Think of touch very broadly - as contact with the surface beneath your feet, the movement of a grass-like element that brushes you as you walk past it, as two surfaces that make contact when you move them with your breath, as a soft object that you squeeze, etc.

The touch prototype is your interpretation of a physical sensor that begins an interaction or changes the state of your artwork when it is touched. Your choice of materials, scale and form will influence how people interact with it.

On Tuesday you will present your touch sensor prototype. Think about how you want people to encounter it. You may present it in our class studio space, W123 or the Installation and Performance Space W130.

We will experience and critique each Touch Prototype.

Providing meaningful feedback to each person requires the full participation of the class, with everyone sharing her/his unique perspective in response to each work.

This will be an opportunity to for you to observe how people intuitively interact with your Touch Prototype. Our focus is more on the experience of sensing and less on the action or response. We will put the sensing and response together in the Collaborative Explorations that will be introduced on Thursday and will be presented on November 12th.