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Tyler Williams- Project Proposal

For my project proposal I would like to create a wearable projection device. I want the projection to be able to change color at the press of a button. The button would be located in the hand of the wearer of the projection device. The projection would also have an image on it although I have not yet thought of the appropriate image. I would want there to be a number of different projection images as well as colors. I think it would be cool if the images changed based on the distance away from an object/person.

The wearer would be able to change his experience and interaction with the projected image by changing the color as well as moving the projection to different surfaces. The wearer would also have an interesting interaction with non-wearing viewers because they could become the viewing surface.

I guess it would kind of be like a combination of one of those old viewmasters, in the sense of the changing images, projected on a headlamp that can be displayed on any surface.

http://ianbashaw.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/viewmaster.jpg +http://flashlightsunlimited.com/images/Coleman/ColemanHeadlamp.jpg