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Dance Club

I had a great time working on this project. We all did our part making the assignment fun and run smoothly. After we decided to create a dance club for action figures. I searched my home for any sort of action figures/dolls and brought them to class. Robin had already made the walls of the dance club so i spent my time helping to decorate and giving roles to the action figures. After some time we noticed that it would have to be a gay club since i did not have any female action figures. I worked on subscribing roles to individual action figures, creating props and decorating. I also helped to make the taped electrical grid on the floor of our club. Nick and I worked really hard on making the spinning break-dancer. I attached a nine volt to a spinning motor and we created and decorated a box that taped over the motor. Nick drilled a hole in the head of the action figure and we attempted to glue him on the motor's spinning rod. This, however, proved to be a difficult task. Perhaps he had a headache from being upside down for so long, but he just didn't want to stay on that rod. Finally after many attempts we got him to stick. Then I found the break-dancer a "number one fan" and gave him or her (very ambiguous sex to that action figure) a sign and put tin foil on the bottom of "its" feet in order to complete the circuit and allowing the break-dancer to spin. While we were doing this the more arduino proficient part of our group had come up with an electronic dance floor, a gyrating stripper pole, and bubbling disco lights. I helped to decorate the exterior of the dance club, which was all that was left. The End.
~Tyler Williams