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Head Spinin', Crab Walkin' & More

So I was predominately involved with general construction of the night club and less with the technical Arduino programming/wiring. I helped with the conductive strips on the foam part of the floor where we could rig up some sort of simple action involving tin foil contact points on the action figure's feet/hands/etc. The "Rufio" crab walking character had a cell phone vibrating piece attached to his back, which was connected to wires that were wrapped and soldered around his hands. When he was bent into a crab walking position and placed with his knuckles on the conductive tape on the floor, he would vibrate from the motor, giving him the illusion of crab walking. I also, along with Tyler, helped to create the "head-spinning" action figure representation of Bryce. The circuit was essentially a 3.5volt (or however many volts it was) motor (the kind that had simply a small, spinning peg), a 9 volt battery, and "alligator" wires to connect it all. We concealed the system beneath a hand-crafted cardboard box. We left the circuit incomplete with two tin foil contact points exposed outside of the box. The circuit would be completed, and subsequently cause the motor to spin, when an action figure with tin foil on their feet stood on the two strips of tin foil to complete the circuit. The action figure representation of Bryce was the blonde-haired guy with the lime green glasses attached to the "elevated-head-spinning-box". To attach him to the peg of the motor, I stuck the figure into a vice, used a Dremel tool to drill a small hole into the top of his head, filled the hole with a few drops of hot glue, and placed the figure upside-down onto the motor peg. We let him dry and tested it to make sure it worked.
In addition, I also helped with the building of the physical structure of night club.