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Perry Hoberman

Perry Hoberman teaches in and works with digital media at the University of Southern California School of Cinema Television. Although dedicated to teaching in recent years, Perry has created several notable, award winning, pieces in the past. These include his works System Maintenance and Bar Code Hotel. I'm particularly drawn to Hoberman's work in Bar Code Hotel. Perry's use of an everyday consumer icon, the barcode, in an interactive fashion is both creative and thought provoking.

Usually I see the digital world of the barcode affecting me. When I purchase an item, a task that typically requires the scanning of a bar code, I am personally affected because I have less money and a new product. It is interest to see the tables turned in which the scanning affects another, in-organic creature.

Much like how the scanning of a barcode affects me through my purchase of an item, the scanning of a barcode affects the inorganic programmed objects within the virtual barcode hotel world. If I purchase a movie I'll likely become lazy, staying home and watching it on my couch. If I purchase a case of beer I'll likely fall into a jolly state of inebriation.

Similarly, each barcode in barcode hotel gives a virtual representation certain characteristics. Scan one barcode and the representation may become aggressive, scan another and it may become docile. Each virtual character is influenced by the barcode, much like the modern consumer.

You can check out more of Perry's projects at www.perryhoberman.com.