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Sleepy Sleepy Spiderman - Bryce Davidson

For my exploration with touch and the light sensor, I created a system for Spiderman to both sleep better at night (with no nightmares) and wake up better in the morning (without hitting the snooze 20 times)

When spidey pulls the cover over his light sensitive mattress (and over the the Arduino's light sensor) his spidey night light dims, so he can go to sleep. However, it stays just lit enough so that there is some light in the room and he doesn't have any scary dreams about Venom or the Green Goblin

Photo 54.jpg

When it's time to wake up, Spiderman pulls his covers off and his night light illuminates, waking him up immediately, so he's ready to fight crime and protect the world from evil doers.

Photo 53.jpg

Have a good day, Spidey! :)