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SUCCESS!!! -Bryce Davidson

It works! After much confusion and varying degrees of discouragement, I finally figured out how to program the multi-colored LED light using the Lilypad Arduino! The tutorial on ladylada's site got me going in the right direction, but the real challenge was figuring out how to make white light and learning how to get it to flash how i wanted. I discovered quickly that the code is quite different and much more confusing. One cool site that helped make sense of it was: http://www.visibone.com/colorlab/
This helped me understand the relationship between the numbers that I was programming into each light (red, green, or blue) and how it resulted in a color change.
Here is my first success with the alligator clips:
I was happy just to get the dang thing blinking, and even happier to have figured out how to manipulate the color and the rhythm, but I knew I wouldn't be done until I had success with the conductive thread. I tried it out and after a few mishaps with threading the needle and making knots, alas, it worked!
ahhhhhhhhh. I am so satisfied right now.BlinkyThread.jpg