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Tilt Active Sketch

Tyler Williams- For this assignment, i used the tilt sensor to create a narrative between two action figures and the audience. I strapped the tilt sensor to an action figure that i dressed like a "terrorist" from Guantanamo bay and i had a Captian America action figure standing at a station that two LED's were attached to. I was only able to make one of the LED's turn on so I attached that one to lie. When the terrorist head was dipped into water then the LED would indicate that he was lying. In this way the terrorist had no way of telling the truth and thus would be kept in Guantanamo Bay forever. I had Captian America tell the audience (which were children since they were action figures) to help him by torturing the terrorist. This way i symbolically put the audience in the awkward position of a soldier at Guantanamo bay that is taking orders to torture an individual. I also wanted the set up to feel like a commercial action figures that targets children. This is to relate how we as the United States act towards our "enemies" and how we are training our children to do the same thing with the toy bad guys that they play with.