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Final Project Progress-Robin Schwartzman

My "tree installation" has been slowly progressing throughout the semester. As of right now, I have my flower bush complete, with about 50 different flower sounds that are triggered randomly when each flower is picked. I also have completed the clover mound, which is a game of sorts. When a three leaf clover is picked, it yells at you saying something like "nope", "wrong", "not me", and "can't you count?". When you find the four leaf clover and pick it, you are awarded with cheers and applause.
Here are some images of those pieces:



As far as the coding, right now all of my coding for the flowers and clovers is together with the background music (zip-a-dee-doo-dah) on one waveshield. When I get multiple waveshields, the sounds will be programmed separately so that they can start to build on eachother. The coding is here:


I've also made significant progress on the blinking apple tree. He blinks using a system with the stepper motor, an arduino motorshield, some thick aluminum wire, a sewing bobbin and fishing line. Here are two images-one with eyes closed, the next with eyes open. You can also see the picnic blanket hanging behind the tree. I still need to wire up a system underneath the blanket (with foam and aluminum foil) so that when one steps on the blanket, the tree will also talk.



Here is my coding for the blinking eyes:blinkyeyes.doc

More to come, looking forward to piecing everything together into a cohesive installation.