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Haegue Yang (elisa)

Haegue Yang creates abstractions of stories so that they can be experienced more universally - the emotional experiences that we all share.

I experienced the power of Haegue's installation "Yearning Melancholy Red" made of simple objects producing simple experiences of heat, air, movement, light and shapes.

During the lecture, I was hit by the simplicity and delightfulness of the origami shapes and lights installed in the space where the curator first met her. I like to think of art as play in space, and I must not forget that.

She sees her installations as a democratic field of senses - a field of different sensory experiences, not distributed to produce one conclusion, but in every possible direction. The entire space is mapped like a body of work.

She found her interesting material - blinds create unexpected effects, even though they play a persistent role in our lives. These sensations are mundane and basic. You can associate warmth with either pain or pleasure. You can choose your own associations.

Maybe not ever telling any story can get a little bit boring. Can we add more complexity to perception, more depth to increase our longing. An increase of meaning found in an increate of form. I think Olafur Eliasson is at times more successful at this. I have dismissed him as being too into spectacle, but I think some of his work does an amazing job of using interactivity to explore the way we perceive, interact with, and construct the world.

What exactly does Marguerite Duras have to do with the installation?