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Independent Project: Mother Me?

One-on-One Sketch-crop8xAdjs.jpg

Sketch reflects initial design for belt

This project is a prototype interactive wearable belt. It has been designed with two focuses in mind. On the one hand, it "heralds" a future in which cloning and "petri-dish pregnancies" are a norm. A woman may choose to carry her fetus to full-term in a wearable incubator (re-sized to match the growth of the fetus). In this senario, the woman's partner may also share in the carriyng-to-full-term.

The second focus relates to women's experiences of strangers giving themselves permission to touch their pregnant stomach. It has two modes of operation: non-touch and touch. In non-touch mode, a red "warning" lights flashes in the capsule with a modeled fetus to discourage touching. In touch mode, a series of interactions are possible. The cast rubber part has two touch zones. Touching the container with the fetus embryo model, triggers a white LED in the fetus to pulse. Depending how the cast rubber part of the piece is touched, different sequences of blue LEDs blink or pulse.


Wearable not activated.


Wearable in Don't-Touch mode


Wearable in Touch mode

The following code reflects the second focus operations. Note: Commented out is code for using a Rogue Robotics sound shield to play sound clips together with the LED lights. The interface is not working at this time.