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Mike's Slit Scan Proposal

My project will involve using a processing sequence called the slit scan. Images captured by the camera are transfered and elongated through the passage of time stretching an image and its movements. When looking at the effect this sketch has on an image, I found myself thinking of a constantly changing pattern that is being replicated based on the will of movement that object has. This to me is representative of free will which is still restricted and unequivocally connected by the passage of time.

In my project I hope to construct three slit scan stations for people to interact with simultaneously. The results that the slit scan stations will yield will be projected onto a surface for all three participants to see. The participants will create their own slit scan "identities" and change them at their will. The images will be created not from the image of the person, but by predestined patterns fitted to stamps. There will be numerous amounts of stamps to choose from, and every pattern will be unique. The subject will take the stamp and place it on the surface of a pedestal of their choosing and move the pattern to shape the slit scan image before them. All three changing patterns will be projected at the same time, comparing the identities of their slit scan to each other.

Thats pretty much it, in a very confusing nut shell.

-Mike Ballard