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My Slit Scan Project (Final)

When Diane showed me the slit scan program in processing, I almost immediately knew what I was going to do. Taking a little bit of my inspiration Maurice Benayouns identity stealing worms, I wanted to create a structure that could take the interaction of the subject and project it for them to see and change in real time.

I think my idea for making the boxes as the source for one to interact with was that the box as an object is something simple and universally recognized as being something a person is not really afraid to interact with. The construction of the boxes was key to realizing my project and it became quite frustrating in the end when I found my self being held up by their construction. I eventually decided that I would have to build them myself, something I knew I was not proficient in doing, but must be done in order to get there. I had a solid plan that I was sure would work, but with out the boxes complete, I had no way to test it and make sure.

The plan itself was to have three boxes which had openings at the top where individuals could put and move around blocks with fabric patterns on the bottom side. Camera's inside the box would capture the footage and run it through the slit scan program which would take these patterns and their movements and elongate them through time. These images would be projected on the wall for the individuals to see and react with. Lights would also have to be placed inside the box pointing up at the patterns in order for the fabric to be seen by the camera.

A complication arose when I realized I would have to use 3 separate computers to run the slit scan because I did not want them to be part of the presentation. The solution came when I found a white display box that I could stash the computers in as well as set my main display up on top of the box. The boxes themselves were obviously not constructed with the most talented of hands so I used lighting to hide or distract from their defects. As it turned out, once the boxes were completed and I had found a way to install the lights and cameras, the plan had worked out pretty much exactly the way I had envisioned, which doesn't usually happen. I think this had to do a lot with the experience I had in the previous group project, where I learned a sort of method of work which was to start out simple and keep building on that concept. In the end I believe I had a successful project.

The main concept of the presentation from the start was to evolve around the idea of identity, time, and choice. The people interacting with the project have many patterns (identities) to choose from and each one they will effect in their own way. They make their decision and they use the boxes to form (recycle) that pattern the way they wish. As they do, their patterns are mixing with the patterns of those around them and each pattern is connected to one another. These patterns are all effected and tied together by the passage of time.

Most of my other documentation for this project has been lost to the trash can (sketches, blueprints, etc.