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Philip Beesley Artist Presentation (Elisa)

Philip Beasley is interested in the boundaries between nature and artifice, and explores this question by creating artificial environments which feel like nature and create an experience for viewers in which they are immersed and play important roles in the creation of the experience.

Orgone Reef is a speculation of what the skin of a building could be like in the future. The project is an interlinking matrix manufactured by a computer-controlled laser cutter. The project probes the possibilities of combining artificial and natural processes to form a hybrid ecology.

Beesley is infuenced by Spiritualism, a 19th century religious movement related to Quakerism which believed that we can communicate with the spirit world.

He's an architect using architectural textiles to bridge the technology research in architecture with the arts.


As I learned about his work I made a list of words to define: Sensors, proximity detectors, muscle wires: shape memory alloy, actuators, "distributed networks of microprocessors", Capacitors. Now i have a much better sense of what all of these things do.