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Prelude to Fly on the Wall Project

For continuing with my idea, as I mentioned in class, once I figure out the proper coding I would like to do a little miniseries using the same interaction (scrolling flash using a potentiometer) with different themes. Themes involving small animals with different perspectives would be interesting. For example, with this project I used an insect that had a very low perspective, so using an animal like a bird or something that would be higher up would be cool. Or an animation of something underground, so you would see a worm's perspective or something, I think you get the idea. For the visuals, I would have preferred to have an actual drawn animation, not video format, because animation was originally why I was interested in using arduino with flash. I also think the aesthetic of animation would help realize the piece more for someone who is interacting with the potentiometer handle feel and how that relates to what they look at. Live video seemed to have a disconnect a bit from what i intended, but I think a fabricated reality would be a nice touch to the action of the piece. Then, in terms of how someone interacts with the piece, I've always thought of this as being a little mini series on a website or something like that, where you would interact with it just as how I presented it on my laptop in class. But when thinking about other options for viewing this, I think it would be really interesting to have it be large scale as well. Where the image would be projected against a wall and the entire framing of the wall would be covered. Then if it was in a rectangular or box-like room, when you moved the potentiometer the entire screen projection would move to different areas in the room. So it would take up an entire blank room. For example, when looking forward you would see the entire projection against the wall in front of you and if you scrolled right, then the projection would scroll against the wall over to the wall on your right. In this scenario, the tiny little potentiometer would seem very powerful because a tiny little object/fly/bird/bug/whatever would control the motion of this huge projection in the room. Those are my hopes and dreams for this project anyway, once I figure out step number 3 that is! But if anyone has any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them.