December 6, 2009

Matt's Final Project

For my final piece I'm going to use the arduino with Flash. I want to create an animation that allows the viewer to look right and/or left in the animation. The content for the animation will be a coffee shop, similar to the image shown below. Then the viewer will put themselves in the place of the fly, where they will be able to see what the fly see's. I like the idea of interacting with an animation, so that is basically the concept of the whole piece. I'd like the video animation to be projected against a wall, so that the viewer feels small, like the fly.


December 3, 2009

Mike's Slit Scan Proposal

My project will involve using a processing sequence called the slit scan. Images captured by the camera are transfered and elongated through the passage of time stretching an image and its movements. When looking at the effect this sketch has on an image, I found myself thinking of a constantly changing pattern that is being replicated based on the will of movement that object has. This to me is representative of free will which is still restricted and unequivocally connected by the passage of time.

In my project I hope to construct three slit scan stations for people to interact with simultaneously. The results that the slit scan stations will yield will be projected onto a surface for all three participants to see. The participants will create their own slit scan "identities" and change them at their will. The images will be created not from the image of the person, but by predestined patterns fitted to stamps. There will be numerous amounts of stamps to choose from, and every pattern will be unique. The subject will take the stamp and place it on the surface of a pedestal of their choosing and move the pattern to shape the slit scan image before them. All three changing patterns will be projected at the same time, comparing the identities of their slit scan to each other.

Thats pretty much it, in a very confusing nut shell.

-Mike Ballard

October 8, 2009

Concept Proposal

My concept is loosely based on some scientific fields. I drew ideas from ecology, in terms of interrelationships of organisms, and influence of environment on behavior. Also string theory, a field of theoretical physics, which implies universal connectivity.


Sensors obtain measurements from predetermined locations outdoors, such as the tree outside our classroom window. This environmental data includes sunlight and wind speed, as well as temperature. The data is abstracted into a value, and translated into parameters through coding and algorithms.

The way this works, is that all measured environmental factors will contribute to the overall value of environmental vitality. This figure will increase with energy received from the sun, and decrease in times of low sunlight, for example. The idea is not to replicate nature, but abstract the constant flows of energy into material for an ongoing artistic representation of these processes.

A second value will measure human activity inside and at arbitrary locations outside the digital ecosystem, the presentation space.

Human activity value will be represented in the environment through introduction of simulated organisms, and their interactions. The humans in the space will, in real time, effectively become the organisms in the space, as well as influence these same organisms through their actions in the space.

A warm sunny day will translate into certain activity in the digitally created ecosystem. The translation will be determined by the computer program/code and will be variable according to the users. Control of the parameters, and mapping of environmental data will occur through a system with terminal inside the presentation space. With different templates, the ecosystem will translate values obtained through sensors into entirely different landscapes, to allow many possibilities for the user's interaction.

Robin Schwartzman-Concept Proposal

My concept proposal is something that I actually want to see through to the end of the semester. I want to create an entirely artificial sculptural landscape in which the viewer is invited to participate. The landscape will look something like this:

The "island" will be constructed of layered insulation foam covered in turf. The clovers and flowers will be cut paper on wire. IMG_4573.jpgThe tree will be a hollow structure of paper-mached chicken wire and paint chips acting as leaves. The apple half eyes will be made of foam and the picnic blanket will be real fabric.

As the viewer steps onto this island they can search the clovers for one four-leafed clover and upon picking it will be rewarded with audio. When one attempts to pick any of the flowers, they will scream in pain. When one walks onto the picnic blanket, small fans from within the canopy of the tree will turn on, thus rustling the leaves. If one dares to pick an apple half, the tree will groan in angry agony.

An additional thought I had was to create a video of a costumed character interacting with the piece. Within the video, all of the audio actions will be positive sounds...giggles, sighs of pleasure, etc. Then, by watching this video, the viewer will be encouraged to also interact with the sculpture in the same way, except the live version will contain the more negative reactions described above.

October 6, 2009

jane powers: Concept Proposal: Exchange: symbiotic moments

Concept Overview:

I'm interested in creating a prototype wearable that allows for an exchange of O2 and CO2 between the wearer and the plants in a waistpack terrarium. People and plants have a symbiotic relationship in that people, through respiration, take in O2 and give off CO2 while plants need CO2 for photosynthesis, and give off O2 as a byproduct. People who have certain medical conditions, such as emphysema and pneumonia, or who are in a reduced O2 environment or exerting themselves, especially in high altitudes, can require/benefit from added O2. Many plants in an enhanced CO2 environment have increased growth.


Cycle between autotrophs and heterotrophs. Autotrophs can use carbon dioxide (CO2) and water to form oxygen and complex organic compounds, mainly through the process of photosynthesis. All organisms can use such compounds to again form CO2 and water through cellular respiration.

The following pdf provides documentation of the project development.


Waistpack Carrier


Breathing O2--Exhaling CO2


On the Road

Exchange-car carrier.jpg

Nick Gentle - Concept Proposal

My concept is essentially a theoretical interactive "lightsaber".

Inspired by "laser harp":

Sensor LEDs:

Very hypothetical representation...


The "lightsaber" itself would be a tangible object that you could use (turn on, swing around, turn off). However, the rest of the experience would entail a large room (the presentation room next door to the classroom would be ideal) in which six projectors would be utilized to project on each wall (north, south, east, west) as well as one projecting on the ceiling and one on the floor. Each projector would probably be connected to an individual computer as well as light sensors. The sensors would react with the lightsaber's beam and consequently react with the projection. So, how you react to the projection using the lightsaber would result in how the projection changes. The environment would be tailored to how you use the lightsaber in the "virtual world" being projected all around you.

Concept impossible

For my concept proposal seeing as I don't have to see it to fruition. I decided that I would choose something that in this current era is entirely impossible. The concept is that we live in this city and the entire city will sleep at night and/or weekends holidays. The skyscrapers would be built on a massive system of state of the art hydraulics or some equivalent technology where they could then recede into the earth and a natural environment would emerge. Part of my inspiration for this is that I went to New York for the first time, and one thing I noticed was a severe lack of nature. I believe that so many people get caught up in the materialistic business and media oriented world, that they lose touch with their inner animal. city change.gif

The interactive nature is that the buildings are only as large as they need be receding as the number of occupants change.gif

buildings + movement

these are the links of what i'm inspired by. i find it interesting when artists make an attempt to make public spaces have private intimate emotions. often times this involved large buildings or larger gallery spaces.

the concept that i want to follow is one that mixes my love for philomene longpre's video systems and pipilotti rist's large scale productions.

i wanted to follow either the idea of having furniture that has sound systems built creating a multiviseral experience of the space engulfed with the sound from the large scale multichanneled videos.

however another conept proposal that i feel more attached to for my independent project is the silent video system using max msp to create a flow with sound and video combined. the sounds and silence would connect to the movement of the large scale video performance. this way the viewers sound and movements could help control the view of the piece itself.

Tyler Williams- Project Proposal

For my project proposal I would like to create a wearable projection device. I want the projection to be able to change color at the press of a button. The button would be located in the hand of the wearer of the projection device. The projection would also have an image on it although I have not yet thought of the appropriate image. I would want there to be a number of different projection images as well as colors. I think it would be cool if the images changed based on the distance away from an object/person.

The wearer would be able to change his experience and interaction with the projected image by changing the color as well as moving the projection to different surfaces. The wearer would also have an interesting interaction with non-wearing viewers because they could become the viewing surface.

I guess it would kind of be like a combination of one of those old viewmasters, in the sense of the changing images, projected on a headlamp that can be displayed on any surface.

Think..... +

Justin Berken - Conceptual Project

Animation of a conceptual wall tiles that repond to proximity of user.

Animation of a conceptual wall system that reponds to proximity of user.

interactive architecture.jpg
Rendering of wall system that responds to environmental changes.


Here's a quick clip with an idea for how the clouds could come toward the viewer. It still looks a bit stiff and artificial. I could also animate individual images within the video. Here I've just used changing the speed, direction, and center of an existing clip.

I imagine the interactivity could be done either by motion sensor or by sensors activated when people step on them. Motion sensors would be great because then movement of arms or more dramatic body motion could create imitative actions in the video.Besides for interactive video, I could also create a sculpture of a tree or clouds which move or come toward the viewer when similar motions are performed.


I would love to create the video of the moving tree which moves in response to the movements of the person's movements, and hopefully offers its own movements for the person to imitate. Like a conversation, back and forth. I would also love this to happen with a video of clouds. If you move forward the clouds move toward you, and if you move away they move more slowly and flow apart. Here are some example video clips.

October 1, 2009

Concept Project

The Concept Project is designed to offer you the opportunity to imagine an interactive art work without the constraints of available resources. It centers on an idea that you are passionate about. It is not bound by your budget, access to space, the availability of the technology that you suggest, nor your current set of skills.

The Concept proposal provides an opportunity to think in the medium of interactive art.
As you describe your concept you will be communicating your ideas related to interactivity in art, what it means to you, and how you imagine people encountering, engaging or otherwise interacting with you project.

Use any media necessary to convey your idea. Visual media such as drawings, photos, video, animations, text, diagrams, audio are among the media that may be useful. Your goal is to communicate your project concept such that other people are able to imagine it as clearly as you do.

By design, the Concept Proposal does not describe a project that you are required to realize, rather it's purpose is to stretch your imagination.

If you choose to, you can use the Concept Project as an opportunity to develop a project that has been on your mind, one that you would like to realize.