October 6, 2009


Here's a quick clip with an idea for how the clouds could come toward the viewer. It still looks a bit stiff and artificial. I could also animate individual images within the video. Here I've just used changing the speed, direction, and center of an existing clip.

I imagine the interactivity could be done either by motion sensor or by sensors activated when people step on them. Motion sensors would be great because then movement of arms or more dramatic body motion could create imitative actions in the video.Besides for interactive video, I could also create a sculpture of a tree or clouds which move or come toward the viewer when similar motions are performed.


I would love to create the video of the moving tree which moves in response to the movements of the person's movements, and hopefully offers its own movements for the person to imitate. Like a conversation, back and forth. I would also love this to happen with a video of clouds. If you move forward the clouds move toward you, and if you move away they move more slowly and flow apart. Here are some example video clips.

October 1, 2009

Active Sketch 1 Tyler Williams

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I was trying to create a symbolic representation of the brain working as a machine. The LED lights were an attempt to represent the neurons going off when we have thoughts. I think that the different colors could represent the various types of thoughts, such as red representing a negative or angry thought, green as a enjoyable happy thought and blue as a calm or sad thought. I want to further the investigation into the emotions that these lights of color can convey.

September 22, 2009

Active Sketch #1

For this activity I decided to use a single color and explore its emotive and thematic elements, as well as articulate a simple concept for the interactive potential within a mixed media framework.

My design involved a clear plastic cylinder draped with a simple trace paper sketch. The green led was inside the cylinder shining through, illuminating the scene. A simple alteration in rhythm was meant to mimic the rhythms of nature.

Elisa Berry - Active Sketch


This is my attempt at altering the experience of a cloud made of plastic bags by changing the colors and duration of leds illuminating the interior of the sculpture. It would be interesting to use the duration and slow accumulation of intensity through light (mediated by material which creates an immersive space for the viewer in order to deal with themes of the relationship between light, blindness, sight, mystical illumination and emptiness.

September 17, 2009

elizabeth furani + active sketch i

basically the idea i was thinking of was using video and sound in the led lights. i wanted to use the arduino to somehow process to video. i also enjoy bruce nauman and ray lee in terms for their interactive light work. more to come.