September 17, 2009

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Diane Willow

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Office: Regis W205

April 23, 2009

ARTS 3601 / 5610 New Media :: Making Art Interactive

ARTS 3601 / 5610 New Media :: Making Art Interactive introduces new ways of imagining and creating dynamic art that transforms the role of viewers into participants.

During the Fall 2009 semester we will use the idea and experience of permeable boundaries to begin our explorations with interactive art. This theme will spark a series of playful studio and public art explorations as well as a semester-long independent project that may be developed individually or collaboratively.

This course is open to students from all media and disciplines who are interested in exploring how we envision and respond to the permeable boundaries between ourselves and our surroundings. The ideas and processes introduced in this course permeate media and disciplinary boundaries as well.

Artists, architects, engineers, computer scientists, biologists, musicians, and other creative people have added their perspectives to this course in past semesters and I look forward to another diverse group of students this semester.

We will delve into the experience of sensing and the process of extending our senses with technology. This will provide us with a catalyst for interrogating ideas related to art and participation, art and technology, art and environment and the related concepts of the responsive, the reactive, the interactive and the dynamic.

Throughout the semester, technology, theory, and the work of contemporary artists will complement a series of project sketches designed to encourage students to further develop their aesthetic language and fluency using materials, electronics, and interactive, digital technologies. Class sessions include discussion, studio work, critique, local adventures, guest artists and the project sketches. The course content requires that all students participate fully.

The class is structured to encourage a community of learners that benefits from the active exchange of ideas and resources from each participant. The course blog provides a site for documentation, sharing, reflection and problem solving. Our focus on open source technologies such as the arduino and processing provides the opportunity for students to continue to develop their ideas beyond this course.

Students are encouraged to use a broad range of creative tools to complement the introduction of the arduino and other interesting resources such as the laser cutter and conductive fibers. This course is designed to incorporate your ideas and your curiosity, We will experiment with the conceptual and the technical together and expand our thinking about art and art making in the process.

Course evaluation:

15% Class Participation and Attendance
[full participation is essential to the best experience for all]
[contact me if you will be absent, 1 unexcused absence per semester per student]

10% Artist Presentation

20% Active sketches

10% Concept Proposal

10% Touch Prototype

15% Collaborative Project

20% Independent Project