September 10, 2009

Justin Berken

- making art: Artistic thought processes are a driving force in my architecture education.

- using a computer:
I was very fortunate to have grown up with a commodore 64 in my house. The Commodore 64 sparked an early interest in computing that I have carried into my adult years. I am currently employed as a computer tech and still tinker with the commodore 64.

- using hand tools and power tools: Curiosity in my father's hand tools got me in a lot of trouble as a child. I can now proudly claim to safely operate these tools without his assistance. Today I use a table saw, band saw, drill press, and other power tools on a regular basis

- using a sewing machine:
Very little background in sewing.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: The school of architecture has a laser cutter that I use more frequently than any other tool.

- programming: I once took a studio course based in Maya Binary language and also have a background in HTML and action script.

- working with electronics:
When I was a kid, rather than a box of toys I had a box of disassemble appliances.

- soldering: I have soldered small electronics but am not very good at it.

- installation art: I have little to no experience with art installations.

- interactive art: The closest I have come to interactive art is Flash programming.

- video:
Video editing has been a hobby of mine since Adobe Premiere 4.0.

- sound art: I am not even sure what sound art refers to, but I do have a background in music.

- photography:
I love photography, still trying to figure out my DSLR though.

- sculpture: Very little background in sculpture.

- electronic music: Have done some MIDI authoring.

- drawing: As an architecture student I use drawing as my main form of communicating ideas.

September 9, 2009

Nick Gentle

Describe your experience with each of the following:

- making art
Arts and crafts growing up in kindergarten, pre-school, grade school and college here at the University. I love drawing/doodling in my spare time. I'm fascinated by band's myspace layouts.

- using a computer
My dad is an engineer dealing pretty heavily with computers, so I grew up learning quite a bit on computers. I learned DOS on windows way back in the day. Eventually I progressed to windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista. I also used Macintosh computers at school growing up and now I use a MacBook Pro with OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I grew up being fascinated with computers and what they could do, create and manipulate.

- using hand tools and power tools
Pretty average knowledge of all things tool related. Industrial Tech in Junior High and High School helped expand my horizon a little bit. I help my dad with random tasks here and there. I was a janitor at my old high school this past summer, so I furthered my knowledge.

- using a sewing machine
7th an 8th Grade Life Skills class. That's really about it.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines
Not a whole lot comes to mind right away.

- programming
One of my roommates is studying Computer Science. So I have a very rudimentary knowledge of that. I have taken a few Web design classes dealing with HTML and things of that nature.

- working with electronics
As I said, my dad is pretty big on technology and computers and electronics and things so I have a pretty extensive knowledge of quite a few things. Computers, iPods, audio recording software, audio mixing boards, etc.

- soldering
Very few instances growing up with my father. One of my roommates took an engineering related class involving soldering some things.

- installation art
Not entirely sure what that encompasses.

- interactive art
Mostly just what I've seen in museums and art galleries around the cities.

- video
I've taken a pretty big interest in video and video editing, so I've experimented with various video editing programs. I have a JVC camcorder...

- sound art
I took the 1601 Interactivity class, where we dealt with sound art and recording various sounds and editing/manipulating them.

- photography
My family owns a few digital cameras, I have an aunt that works with high resolution photography and painting for a living. Other than that, cellphone camera use. Still function on camcorder. But I'm strongly interested in doing more photographic work.

- sculpture
Making clay sculptures in high school...

- electronic music
I use audio recording software to create and record my own music in my spare time. I have a few MIDI programs and drum machine programs that can be used for creating music. I listen to music on a daily basis and pretty heavily.

- drawing
I grew up loving to draw. Mainly with pencil and paper. I've taken high school art classes dealing with drawing and I enjoyed them. I took the Intro Drawing class at the U here and enjoyed that as well.

- I forgot to mention that I ...
Play guitar.
Enjoy skateboarding and football.
Love Jesus.
Enjoy eating just about all kinds of food.