September 22, 2009

The History of the Interface in Interactive Art

Söke Dinkla's essay,The History of the Interface in Interactive Art , written in1994, provides a historical trace of the idea of the interface in interactive at.

This is a historical view, I am sure that you can imagine all of the interfaces that you currently interact with - few if any of these are addressed in this essay. As you read you will encounter references to artists and art venues that I encourage you to google in order to glean a bit more about them and their role in the emergence of interactive art.

We relate this reading to our process as we use sensors to develop our first interactive art works.

Post your responses to 2 of the 3 questions as described below and post the category 09/22 interface history within the Reflections

CHOOSE to respond to #1 or #2 EVERYONE please respond to #3 as well

1) Describe an example of the role of story or the narrative in the history of the interface?


2) What is the relationship between our senses and the interface?


3) What future modes of interaction can you imagine?

September 21, 2009

Seven Ways of Misunderstanding Interactive Art

Read Erkki Hutamo's essay, Seven Ways of Misunderstanding Interactive Art.

Write and post [category Reflections] a 1 paragraph reflection that discusses you view of interactive art with a focus on one or more of the seven misunderstandings that Erkki Hutamo discusses.