September 17, 2009

Tyler Williams

Know How- I have no experience with circuts or computer programming although i find it interesting. I have been doing fine art since i was very young a i love painting and drawing. So if you need someone to sketch something i can do it, just don't ask me anything concerning computers but feel free to help me cause ill probably need it.

Tyler Williams

September 15, 2009

Jane Powers

"Know How" Experience:

- making art: I have been making mixed media sculpture/installation art for about 10 years.

- using a computer: Basic proficiency with word processors. In past have worked some with Final Cut Express, Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

- using hand tools and power tools: I'm comfortable in a wood shop and some tools in a metals shop.

- using a sewing machine: Comfortable with basic sewing.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: Very little experience.

- programming: Basic level.

- working with electronics: Very basic level.

- soldering: Basic level.

- installation art: My work moves between sculpture and installation art.

- interactive art: Have designed/made several interactive pieces.

- video: Basic level.

- sound art: Have designed/made several sound art pieces.

- photography: Began my art practice photographing with and processing black & white film.

- sculpture: My work moves between sculpture and installation art.

- electronic music: No experience.

- drawing: Not my expertise.

- I forgot to mention that I have experience with mold making, and metal, resin and wax casting.

elizabeth furani + know how

Making Art: i would consider myself alright in that aspect. i'm pursuing a bfa here, or at san francisco art institute then grad. so at least on an academic level i love to participate. but on a personal level it has helped me through hard times, and given me a new lense in which to look at the society/environment i've been given.

Using a computer: i work with IT a lot so yes, i am pretty proficient.

Using hand tools and power tools: good! i love working with sculpture but also the construction of things, and i learn fast.

Using a sewing machine: pretty good.

Using a laser cutter: yes! i love the laser cutter!

Programming: pretty good, max msp, and other coding languages.

Working with electronics: !!!! big yes. lots of experience.

Soldering: some experience.

Installation Art: very good with

Interactive Art: learning to be good at.

Video: my main focus in my art. yes, lots of experience.

Sound Art: some experience in.

Photography: only amateur and conceptual.

Sculpture: yes, quite a bit of experience.

Electronic Music: a love of mine in my own time. love to create computer music.

Drawing: some i consider myself better at drafting.

Adobe Software (Illustrator, Flash): pretty proficient.

Carl Ostlund (Know How)

making art
I have taken a few art classes at the University, as well as classes in design. Outside of school, I use photoshop and draw, just messing around pretty much. I'd like to progress in my abilities of making art.
using a computer
I have a lot of experience with macs, and some with windows.
using hand tools and power tools
limited experience with these
using a sewing machine
working with electronics
I had an internship in the I.T. department of a company after senior year of high school. I worked with office electronics and servers, and with computers (hardware and software). I have always spent time using/messing aroun d with electronics...
installation art
I like it, but never had experience working with it
worked on a few projects in high school, also in 1601.
sound art
worked on a small project in 1601
taken 2 photo classes at the U, and I do a lot of shooting on my own for fun
made some sculptures in high school ceramics class
electronic music
not much; have used garageband just messing around
mediocre skills. but getting better (i am currently taking a drawing/graphics class for landscape architecture)
I like to play basketball. it might fit into my art somehow someday

Carl Ostlund (INterests)

What attracted you to this class?
I am interested in how electronics pervade our environment more all the time, and finding ways to use this for the sake of creating art and interactive experiences.
What do you hope to learn?
I hope to learn new technical skills and think about the unique ways technology affects everydayexperience.
What comes to mind when you think about contemporary art?
blending science and art. this is the kind of stuff that appeals to me.
Who are some of your favorite artists or creative inspirations?
I can't name any artists off the top of my head, at least none that I would consistently look to for inspiration. I often look at design magazines in the architecture library at school. I also draw inspiration from the urban environment, graffitti, railroads, buildings, infrastructure. I used to read a lot of sci-fi books when i was younger, which I draw inspiration froma s well.
What is your most memorable experience of art as it occurs to you at this moment?
Walking through the Walker Museum sculpture garden
What is your favorite form of technology and how do you use it?
Photoshop, possibly combined with scanning hand images. I really like images. I like to manipulate images, and photoshop allows precision and nearly infinite possibilites in terms of techniques and outcomes. the only drawbacks to me are that it has a high learning curve, also one must have access to a computer, which unfortunately not everyone does. I am always open to learning new technologies, and I like to combine them.

September 14, 2009

Bryce Davidson - Know How

- making art
I have been drawing all my life as I can remember it. I draw almost constantly. usually faces. sometimes animals. sometimes animals with human faces.
- using a computer
I have macbook. i am on it often. I have had one for a couple years. I feel I am at a moderate level of understanding with a computer. not a pro, but not a dummy either. I mostly just know the basics.
- using hand tools and power tools
I have had a couple sculpture classes. I feel pretty handy with power tools and hand tools.
- using a sewing machine
tried to use my mom's one time. Broke it.
- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines
didn't even know that existed.
- programming
no idea at all
- working with electronics
had some experience with simple motors in Kinetic art with Ali and Chris. outside of the that, I feel mostly confused about how it all works
- soldering
done it maybe twice. would need a refresher
- installation art
still not exactly sure what makes an installation, but I am interested in learning.
- interactive art
I love to perform. I guess I have technically done a few of these considering my background in Improv theater.
- video
i know how to push the record button and point the camera. that's about it.
- sound art
done a little music editing with a simple program off the internet. only a little experience.
- photography
had a camera once. lost it.
- sculpture
I have done a couple wire sculptures, some building with would and metal. welding, metal cutting and sanding, ceramic work and some sculpting with other materials. yet I still feel I have much to learn
- electronic music
I like listening to it. never made it before.
- drawing
I draw a lot. I feel quite comfortable in this area.
- I forgot to mention that I ....
I have been a breakdancer for 7 years and an actor for many more. I love improv and performance and the energy that comes from performing and watching a performance. this is where I would like to focus the energy of my art

Alec Rippberger - Know How

Fall 2009: New Media :: Making Art Interactive
Describe your experience with each of the following:
- making art
As a Political Science major I'm guessing my experiences with art are fewer than some of the other students enrolled in this class. I've taken art classes throughout highschool including ceramics and photography classes.
- using a computer
Like many in my generation I was raised using computers and feel comfortable using many software programs and have some experience in programming languages.
- using hand tools and power tools
My father is a carpenter and I've been using tools from the time I could read.
- using a sewing machine
Other than Home-Ec class in middle schoool my experience with sewing machines has been very limited.
- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines
I have no experience with these devices.
- programming
I've taken a visual basic course and have some knowledge of HTML.
- working with electronics

- soldering
I've always been interested in electronics but have no experience with soldering.
- installation art
I have no proactive experience in this field.
- interactive art
I've seen some interesting concepts but have never had the pleasure of creating my own.
I have some limited shooting/editing experience.
- sound art
Music has always been a passion of mine. I have various experience with many different aspects of sound art. I enjoy composing music on guitar and through software.
- photography
I've taken several photography courses and have worked with both film and digital.
- sculpture
I've taken a ceramics course but have limited experience with sculpture.
- electronic music
I've used fruity loops, garage band, noise IO, logic, and beatmaker in creating electronic music.
- drawing
I'll doodle but do not find drawing exceptionally entertaining.

September 11, 2009

Elisa Berry

making art: Studio art major, starting my MFA in sculpture. Between college courses and now I have consistently produced work in my studio, done installations outside, and in my home. I tend to choose a particular material such as sticks, cloth, broken glass from the sidewalk or plastic bags and transform it through a repetition of the material in space that grows organically. I usually use wire to suspend the installations. Light is also a medium in my work. Either sunlight or artificial lightcatching and activating translucent material.
I'm also love to draw - I worked as a charcoal portrait artist, and can render a face pretty accurately. I make oil paintings too.

- using a computer: Besides word processing, using the internet, listening to music and editing images on my computer, I also taught an undergraduate intro to multimedia course dealing with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash, although my knowledge of those programs is mostly limited to what one might learn in a beginning course. I have designed two basic websites using HTML code.

- using hand tools and power tools: I can use a drill and other basic tools.

- using a sewing machine: I can do basic sewing of patterns and altering of garments, but I don't do it consistently enough to be totally skilled.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: nope.

- programming: nope.

- working with electronics: Not really.

- soldering: nope.

- installation art: I love creating installations that use a repetition of material suspended in space to create a certain physical experience in a particular space.

- interactive art: I once made an interactive drawing that asked viewers to respond to the question, "What do you want" in a little booklet. I got some interesting responses.

- video - I have taken an into to digital video course in which we edited with Final Cut Pro. I created non-narrative videos in the vein of Nathaniel Dorsky that meditated on light, space and movement.

- sound art: Nope. I dealt with sound only a little bit in video, but very limited.

- photography: I like experimenting with digital photography.

- sculpture: I'm good at creating experiences with material that grows organically in space, and am getting better at constructing self-contained objects.

- electronic music: Nope.

- drawing: I am very good at depicting what I see.

- I forgot to mention that I have a masters in religion and art, so I've thought a lot about the questions of what is art, how does it function in society, what does it do, as well as the relationship between our bodies, communities, places, and their relationships to reality/non-reality underlying our existence (or something like that...)

September 10, 2009

Matt Wenger - Know How

* Don't Ask Me
** I sort of know, but don't blame me if something goes wrong
*** Good with it
**** Could do it in my sleep

Making Art: **
Using a computer: ****
Using hand tools and power tools: * - **
Using a sewing machine: *
Using a laser cutter: *
Programming: * - **
Working with electronics: **
Soldering: *
Installation Art: *
Interactive Art: *
Video: ** - ***
Sound Art: **
Photography: **
Sculpture: *
Electronic Music: **
Drawing: ***
Adobe Software (Illustrator, Flash): ****

Robin Schwartzman

Describe your experience with each of the following:

- making art: I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Syracuse University. I've been drawing since before I can remember. I remember making my first sculptural object in 4th grade. I have always loved to make art.

- using a computer: I have knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, but my in depth computer skills are somewhat limited.

- using hand tools and power tools: I am very comfortable working in the woodshop, as I have learned to use many tools for creating sculptures and installations.

- using a sewing machine: I own an old Elna, I enjoy sewing when I have a project in mind.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: Don't know how, but would love to learn!

- programming: This is where my skills are weakest. I remember doing some basic DOS programming in 6th grade...that is about the extent of my programming knowledge. On the other hand, I am very interested in learning.

- working with electronics: Not so much.

- soldering: I've done some soldering of metals and wires in the past. Could use a refresher.

- installation art: My favorite means of executing my artistic practice.

- interactive art: I've made some basic attempts to this in the past with kinetic sculptures. I want to direct my work this way with a more advanced approach.

- video: For the first time, I took a lot of video footage this summer for research purposes, but I still don't know how to edit my video-or even get it onto the computer.

- sound art: Something else I haven't done much of but want to play with.

- photography: Took a black and white photo class in my undergrad, where I learned how to process film and develop in the dark room. Also, I use my digital camera constantly just for fun.

- sculpture: I make a lot of sculptures out of Extruded Polystyrene, cardboard, paper and paper mache. I know a little bit about woodworking, and nothing when it comes to metals.

- electronic music: Sometimes I listen to it.

- drawing: Probably my best skill.

- I forgot to mention that I ....have been a professional caricature artist for 8 years, drawing at various amusement parks, fairs and parties across the country.
I cry when I laugh.
I hate the feel of velvet.

Justin Berken

- making art: Artistic thought processes are a driving force in my architecture education.

- using a computer:
I was very fortunate to have grown up with a commodore 64 in my house. The Commodore 64 sparked an early interest in computing that I have carried into my adult years. I am currently employed as a computer tech and still tinker with the commodore 64.

- using hand tools and power tools: Curiosity in my father's hand tools got me in a lot of trouble as a child. I can now proudly claim to safely operate these tools without his assistance. Today I use a table saw, band saw, drill press, and other power tools on a regular basis

- using a sewing machine:
Very little background in sewing.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines: The school of architecture has a laser cutter that I use more frequently than any other tool.

- programming: I once took a studio course based in Maya Binary language and also have a background in HTML and action script.

- working with electronics:
When I was a kid, rather than a box of toys I had a box of disassemble appliances.

- soldering: I have soldered small electronics but am not very good at it.

- installation art: I have little to no experience with art installations.

- interactive art: The closest I have come to interactive art is Flash programming.

- video:
Video editing has been a hobby of mine since Adobe Premiere 4.0.

- sound art: I am not even sure what sound art refers to, but I do have a background in music.

- photography:
I love photography, still trying to figure out my DSLR though.

- sculpture: Very little background in sculpture.

- electronic music: Have done some MIDI authoring.

- drawing: As an architecture student I use drawing as my main form of communicating ideas.

September 9, 2009

Nick Gentle

Describe your experience with each of the following:

- making art
Arts and crafts growing up in kindergarten, pre-school, grade school and college here at the University. I love drawing/doodling in my spare time. I'm fascinated by band's myspace layouts.

- using a computer
My dad is an engineer dealing pretty heavily with computers, so I grew up learning quite a bit on computers. I learned DOS on windows way back in the day. Eventually I progressed to windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista. I also used Macintosh computers at school growing up and now I use a MacBook Pro with OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I grew up being fascinated with computers and what they could do, create and manipulate.

- using hand tools and power tools
Pretty average knowledge of all things tool related. Industrial Tech in Junior High and High School helped expand my horizon a little bit. I help my dad with random tasks here and there. I was a janitor at my old high school this past summer, so I furthered my knowledge.

- using a sewing machine
7th an 8th Grade Life Skills class. That's really about it.

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines
Not a whole lot comes to mind right away.

- programming
One of my roommates is studying Computer Science. So I have a very rudimentary knowledge of that. I have taken a few Web design classes dealing with HTML and things of that nature.

- working with electronics
As I said, my dad is pretty big on technology and computers and electronics and things so I have a pretty extensive knowledge of quite a few things. Computers, iPods, audio recording software, audio mixing boards, etc.

- soldering
Very few instances growing up with my father. One of my roommates took an engineering related class involving soldering some things.

- installation art
Not entirely sure what that encompasses.

- interactive art
Mostly just what I've seen in museums and art galleries around the cities.

- video
I've taken a pretty big interest in video and video editing, so I've experimented with various video editing programs. I have a JVC camcorder...

- sound art
I took the 1601 Interactivity class, where we dealt with sound art and recording various sounds and editing/manipulating them.

- photography
My family owns a few digital cameras, I have an aunt that works with high resolution photography and painting for a living. Other than that, cellphone camera use. Still function on camcorder. But I'm strongly interested in doing more photographic work.

- sculpture
Making clay sculptures in high school...

- electronic music
I use audio recording software to create and record my own music in my spare time. I have a few MIDI programs and drum machine programs that can be used for creating music. I listen to music on a daily basis and pretty heavily.

- drawing
I grew up loving to draw. Mainly with pencil and paper. I've taken high school art classes dealing with drawing and I enjoyed them. I took the Intro Drawing class at the U here and enjoyed that as well.

- I forgot to mention that I ...
Play guitar.
Enjoy skateboarding and football.
Love Jesus.
Enjoy eating just about all kinds of food.

My experiences

I have had experience in computers, I built my desktop, also some minor programming experience in a computer science class. I, am all right with power tools, used lathe in high school good level of experience with tools in general. I don't think I could use a sewing machine with any proficiency. Never used a laser cutter, or any other industrial computer controlled machines. I've ripped apart a fair share of electronics for fun, I do enjoy the electronics. Small modifications I am able to do, nothing to the extent of programming electronics. I have soldered before, although only the iron and not any guns, so larger electrical work. Have seen a couple of installations, haven't really interacted with many tho. Love video, and movies, one field I would be more confident in is definitely video, have been making movies, for several years just casually. I have taken a photography class, no sculpture experience, no "real" drawing experience. I would say I have a lot of experience in electronic music. Music is definitely a strong area of interest, something I hope to incorporate this semester.

September 8, 2009

your "know how" experience

Fall 2009: New Media :: Making Art Interactive

Describe your experience with each of the following:

- making art

- using a computer

- using hand tools and power tools

- using a sewing machine

- using a laser cutter and other computer controlled machines

- programming

- working with electronics

- soldering

- installation art

- interactive art

- video

- sound art

- photography

- sculpture

- electronic music

- drawing

- I forgot to mention that I ....