Bright ideas...



I'm interested in the playful connection between the expression of epiphany and illumination-the traditional image of lights turning on when one has a bright idea. This can be realized through the gesture of touching graphite sticks (or fingers with sensors) to a conductive surface vis a vis drawing or writing. Thus, connection of graphite or sensors--an expression of realizing epiphany--would effectively complete the circuit to illuminate space. This would be somehow mapped to luminosity, color, opacity, etc.

The ultimate goal is to reward physical expression of creative gesture via illumination.

Another possibility could include two graphite sticks to remotely interface two users. The circuit configuration could facilitate a process of "finding each other" via completing circuits and triggering light responses. This is could be contextualized in a generic way to reflect on the ancient art of letter writing.

- How is the drawing/writing moderated?
- Is there a directive, motivation or purpose that would encourage a certain kind of expressive engagement?
- How does the expression of epiphany correspond to the linearity of using a pen-like object like a graphite stick or finger?
- What is the connection between light-epiphany and writing/drawing?
- How can creating "graphite pathways" be engaged via gesture in interesting ways and in ways that will encourage deeper levels of interaction?
- Conceive of ways to map regions on the conductive surface that correspond to different LED responses.


Brett, here's the piece by Bernie Lubell that I thought of as you described your idea...

I think your idea sounds interesting, I thought you may be interested in checking this out...

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