My project idea-Boyuan Yang


For this project, mainly I want to make a LED balance which use different color of light for weighing a object. The ordinary one will be like use a weight for balance, now I will use color for balance, and on the emotional and interactive aspect, different color will bring people different feeling, so like red color give people a feeling of alert and intense, blue color bring people a peace and quiet feeling, yellow give us a warm and neutral feeling and the green color gives us a feeling of right. So like when we want to weigh a pen(usually, it weigh 50g), red color weight can represent very heavy weight which around 100g to 200g, so if we first try use red color weight, when the LED light feel inbalance, it will blink the red light at a very very high like ambulance, and now we know this is over heavy, so we change to a more netural yellow LED light, which represent like 50g-100g, since this LED light is a little bit more heavier than the weight of the pen, it will blink at a very very low frequency, then we choose to use green, which represent 20g-50g, at this time, we see the LED green light almost have no reaction of blinking, which we can have a result like the pen weigh around 20g to 50g. This is just my first idea, now I'm trying to think about how to make the LED balance as more accuracy as possible.


This sounds cool! I think you have possibilities for the lights to "push back" on the object being weighed. This might look like variable LED responses mapped to different ranges of heaviness and their changes over time.


I think this interactive piece is great. I don't think it would be hard to get people to interact with this idea because it is immediately responsive. It would be interesting if you could use the sensors in a wii fit balance board to get the results you are intending. Can't wait to see it.

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