Artist Presentations

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Artist Presentations are designed to encourage you to find out about a range of artists who are working in the genre of New Media :: Making Art Interactive.

Chose an artist or collaborative group of artist as the focus of your presentation.

Plan a 20 minute presentation followed by a discussion based on a question that you pose to the group.

Include the following in your Artist Presentation:

• Background information about the artist.

• Discussion of what attracted you to the work of this artist.

• Two examples of this artist's work. Use these to describe the artist's relationship to concepts of interactivity and art as experience.

• Your perspective on how these works relate to the artist's larger body of work.

• A second artist whose work you consider to be relevant to the artist you selected as the focus of your artist presentation. Discuss the relevance via content, process, technology, perspective, etc. This may be another contemporary artist or an artist from another time period. This may be an artist working with interactivity or not.

• Discuss how these artists informs your own thinking.

• Propose a question, related to your presentation, as a catalyst for a 5 - 10 minute discussion with the class.

Following your presentation, enter a post on the blog that includes:

- a description of why you chose this artist
- links to examples of the artist's work
- a discussion of how this artist's work and/or process informs your thinking.

Introduce yourself to the work of a range of artists:

- Stephen Wilson's links

- Amy Young's links

- Ken Rinaldo's links

- Hiroshi Ishii's Tangible Media Group

- We Make Money Not Art

- Rhizome

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