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I chose these two to present for they provide the most influence in my thinking. Blizzard makes great games and they're great not just for the game-play, but also for the immersion players feel WHILE playing their games as well. With Riot Games, I chose them to compliment Blizzard in the way that it shows what happens when a developer stops just being a business and interacts with their fans on a more direct way. These two examples give players the feeling that what they're doing might be fake, a fan of their games can't help, but at least smile when they hear "For the Horde!" or "Demacia!" Lastly, it's that effect that I try to make happen in any scale when I think about my art.
Links to examples shown in class:
Zul Aman Trailer-
Starcraft 2 "Ghosts of the Past" trailer
League of Legends Season 1 trailer-
League of Legends Nocturne Art Spotlight-
Lastly, links to their home pages if you want to see/learn more.
Riot Games inc-
As stated before these two inform my thinking in the ways one wouldn't expect right away. Such as thinking outside the box, when you interact with hundreds of people in a span of a few minutes, and all those people come from different walks of life you can't help but learn new perspectives. When it comes to art, you get ideas as to how people perceive certain things when they interact with them. What really influences me however is the culture art can reflect and how it can change from game to game. This phenomenon is really what intrigues me and what reminds me of the whole "different perspectives" idea on a whole new level.

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