BFA responses: to Gina Chase

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To: Gina Chase

Hi Gina,
I just got a chance to see your work in the soon-to-open BFA show. I really appreciated the way you took one story and played with it in so many ways. I was first drawn to the story in its ribbon form, piled on top of the shelf. It made me want to handle it, to be able to read it in my hands, but as I became aware of the pinned pieces, I realized that each part of the work turned the story into an object that shared the story in a different way. The pinned objects reminded me a bit of Mark Dion's work, directing our attention to bits that have been collected from a whole.

After seeing your work this morning, I've found myself thinking about memory throughout the day. Your pieces offered me some interesting analogies on ways I remember things: sometimes in bits and pieces, sometimes as a jumbled string, sometimes in a tactile way. Thanks for an opportunity to see these sensations of stories and memories reflected in a physical way.


p.s. I like, too, that you provided the story as a handout.

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