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To Sam Hoolihan (MFA):
Hi Sam, I had a great time looking at your work in the MFA show today! I wanted to tell you about what happened as I looked at your pieces, especially the two JC Penny photo studio ones. I started with the series of you cartwheeling and dancing. I was intrigued by the variations in the photos as well as the way they were hung, interlocking, repeating and varying.

I found the one hung on the temporary wall to be captivating, especially when I discovered that by turning my head and letting my eyes wash over the images I could see the sequence as an animation: I could see you running into the gallery, turning, running across the wall and then back out again. This was a thrilling perceptual and mental exercise -- to make my eyes and mind relax enough to mimic the action of a flip book or other animation toy. In fact, that's the sensation that I had -- that the piece was a toy and I was learning how to play with it. On the one hand, I felt like I'd figured something out, learned how to use a tool on my own, without being told how. On the other hand, I was aware that the photos could be enjoyed one by one, as individuals. And it was interesting to look at each photo and study your posture and pose, and think about how it makes up your gait. Someone was just telling me about the Alexander Method and it reminded me of that conversation...

I'm geeky when it comes to low-tech, classic animation techniques, and this piece offered me a new perspective on photography, sequencing, perception and motion. Thanks!

Congratulations and happy graduation!
-Kristen M.

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