BFA/MFA Show Responses

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When I attended the opening receptions for both these shows it was hard to get anything out of the experience of looking at the pieces; with so many people around I found it difficult to focus on the work enough to develop a meaningful relationship to anything. The advantage was though, was that I was able to talk to some of the artists.
Broc Blegen has helped me with various collaborative projects outside of school for the last two years, but I had never seen any work of his so I was excited to see his work in the show. Though surprising, I enjoyed seeing him try to deal with racial politics with his three pieces. Though I still feel conflicted on whether using whiteness as framing device for the discussion is effective, I also feel like it could have ended up entirely inappropriate to deal with that problem in a different way. I also felt that his method of reinterpreting previously existing pieces was interesting. It was an interesting form of appropriation that I personally haven't seen before; like a musician performing another musician's work.

I found Jonathan Kaiser's work satisfying and interesting in similar ways. I like how the titling Game of Troy guided my experience of Kaiser's installation, I felt like I was being challenged by a riddle while I walked through and considered the individual pieces. The Partial Infinity Room also seemed to act as the entrance and exit for the walk through the all the individual pieces, which for me helped the analogy the whole installation seemed to be making to the idea of the labyrinth.
I was also particularly moved by Jennifer Anable's work but am not going to write about it here because I'm not yet able to explain clearly what it is that I appreciate about it.

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