Artist presentation follow-up

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I chose to focus on Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla because they were some of the first artists that I encountered as a young person who were working interactively and who made me think critically about contemporary art.

Examples of their work:
Gladstone Gallery
Lisson Gallery
Youtube video of Wake Up
Walker exhibition that introduced me to them
Radio Re-Volt
A great interview by Paul Schmelzer

While I'm not drawn to make political art like these two artists, I do appreciate how they engage people in politics and the art instead of just making a statement. I don't make political art. I generally shy away from it. But I like how they are connected to community and are able to carry this into a high-art realm without losing focus. I think this idea of community is the motivation for incorporating interactivity into their work. That is what most informs my work. I don't follow the same path as they do, but I recognize the need to articulate a motivation for interactivity and to make sure that it serves a purpose rather than just because it makes a cool display.

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