conceptual final project- human theremin

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Unlike my final project, my conceptual project is completely about the spectacle. At the U I've been studying theatrical lighting due to a life-long obsession with concerts and the light shows that go on during the performances (Pink Floyd's Lazer Show, etc). Going to concerts was my first exploration into the community surrounding music, and it always amazed me how the dynamics of relationships changed once the music started at a venue. In my conceptual project I would use human interactions and gestures to trigger different elements that add to the communal space in a positive way.

Essentially my project involves the audience walking into a completely empty room, with each one of them triggering a sound as they enter. There would be 30 PIR Motion Sensors set around the room: 10 along the baseboard, 2 on each wall, and the rest hanging from the ceiling. By controlling the ranges of the motion sensor to only react to small areas, I can control the amount of movement necessary to trigger specific noises in certain spaces. This way, when people move in the space they can either create a cacophony of percussive noises or they can explore the space slowly and build a musical composition out of their movement. Each noise set off by the motion sensor would comprise of different samples.

This project would explore the dynamics of forced interactivity in an audience, as when there's a strong trust built amongst the members they can create beautiful moments. This project would be great to set up in a large room, where the sensors can be spaced out. Each participant becomes a part of the space and can interact with the others and the space itself by testing out what each sensor triggers.

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