My own definition of interactive art

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Before I register this class I have no idea about what is interactive art, and it still take me a long time to gradually know the beauty of interactive art, this is not only the art, it is a new fantastic combination of various human physical changes, visual response and expression.
The beauty of interactive art is people can actually participate in the art as never seen before, cause we can not interact or participate any activities of painters' paintings or sculptures, but with the modern technology, human ourselves can interact with the art which supposed to be abstractive. Using the sound, visual effect and technology to actually make art become so vivid, and it can be widely use in the daily life in the future, to make our lives more energetic, interactive art also guide human to explore themselves by art itself and based on its aspect, we will understand our internal struggle and desire by seeing through the art. I hope I will do more research on the interactive art in the future, because I think this has great potential, it probably becomes the leading technology in the 21st century.

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