Shadow Light

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shadow light 2011.m4v

calibrate code pdf.pdf

I was pleased with how the shadow light box turned out, even though it wasn't working perfectly. The piece is meant to be explored on both sides and call attention to the relationship between the show and the actor--the actors in this sense, are not necessarily performing, but they are exploring. That explorer cannot fully enjoy their show, because the lights that their shadow creates are displayed on the the other side of the board. The use of the lense helped add a mysterious quality to the contraption, and helped create a window effect, which almost surprisingly for me, conceptually realted to another idea of a window I had been thinkinking about for a different project. I was pleased when I discovered that connection!

All in all I think i would play more with the lighting of this piece. I probably would have had a more angled effect to produce a more strinking shadow, and also would have had a smaller slit of directed light, rather than it be so much like a spotlight.

I am interested in playing more with shadows and light--

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