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Wireless Communication Options

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Good overview of wireless communication from SparkFun.

Here are a number of possibilities of ways to communicate wirelessly with (or without) an Arduino:

RF Link module

Transmitter (connected to an AVR microcontroller, or ATiny or Arduino to create a pulse), $3.95
Receiver (connected to an Arduino), discontinued?

Optional antenna
Transceiver breakout board

How-to with AVR microcontroller

How-to with Arduino
Another how-to with Arduino

JeeNode transceiver (can connect to Arduino, but also has a built-in processor)
$22.50 each
434 MHz or 915 MHz
Needs to assemble -- kit comes with all of the parts.


in [switch] + out [led]

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The arduino homePage links to tutorials that introduce the switch as an INput that sends a signal to the arduino which you can then program to affect an OUTput such as the led.

The pushbotton and the button

Limor Fried's tutorial # 5 introduces the switch as an INput into the arduino. She provides the basics that will help you to successfully include a switch and provides as much technical background as well.


These Make videos guide you through the process of combining the IN [led] and Out [pushbutton switch.