nash gallery + fresh works


While visiting the current exhibition of faculty work in the Nash gallery and graduate student work in the Quarter Gallery notice which works of art attract you.

Experience all of the works in the exhibition and then return to the work that continues to be most interesting to you.

Include the following in your reflections:

-What did you first noticed about this art work?
- What continues to interest you in it?
- How would you describe it to someone who is unable to experience it in the gallery?
- Pose a question that you would like to ask the artist?


Hey everyone

I wanna share a few resources with you that I use when I work with photoshop:

There's tons more on the web so If anybody finds something cool you should share it on here :)

-Jared Martin

How do we upload our reflections for today?....or do we bring in a hard copy on thursday?...

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