Nash Gallery Reflection - David Kosal

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One art work that really caught my attention was '87 by Eun-Kyung Suh. The first thing I noticed was that it was photo images that were printed on a cube that has been threaded together. I was amazed at how each pixels were printed on each individual thread on one side of the box. After that, I noticed that there were many boxes lined up horizontally with images on each of the box. It had the South Korean flag on one of the boxes to show the location and the time period looked like it took place after the Korean War. The whole art piece consisted of yellow boxes with printed photos lined up with images of an election or a political uprising or disturbance. It also shows the hardships of what the ordinary people had to go through. I want to ask the artist why did she choose to represent this time period? How it is important to this art work?

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I thought most of the art was very interesting and mostly different. They were like just paintings. There were abstract sculptures, visual art, and more. I think my favorite piece was either the visual recording of explosions which I think was called boom or i liked fists. Fists was a relief sculpture of closed fists coming out of the walls and i thought that looked pretty cool. Most of the other art was kind of plain to me but that my just be my opinion.-Logan Hussung

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