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As we transition to a series of explorations focused on Sound Art prepare the following for our class on Tuesday September 28th:

1) Choose to focus primarily upon what you are hearing rather than seeing ... for 30 minutes enjoy the soundscape around you. During this time notice what you are hearing. Focus on the sounds that are closest to you - perhaps within you - as well as those sounds so distant that you are able to discern them only intermittently. We will discuss your experience in class.

2) Share your reflections in a paragraph that describes your current thinking about Sound Art - what you think sound art may be - after reading the following:

Mark Gary
A survey of four Contemporary Sound Artists

Post your reflection on the blog, within the sound art reflection category.

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I thought it was very interesting the way that i was viewing the environment around me while only paying my closest attention to the sounds and what was making them. While sitting in the busy atmosphere of the Purple Onion, there were a million and one sounds reverberating off of each other. These conjoin in a collective mix of sounds that when paired with the intimate interaction between people, or of students with their individual projects make the view with the sounds seem like performance art. I like embracing the sounds that make an atmosphere what it is, but when beginning to construct a definition of sound art I was caught between the difference between that and music. After reading the article it made more sense that sound art has a lot more to do with the presentation and performance of the piece. The piece that I keep coming to is was the calcium tablet and liquid bin interactive piece in the Nash. The difference between sound art and music makes more sense with examples. However, it will be interesting to see how we as beginners can tread on this specific artistic path.

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