Alex McRandall- Reading Reflection

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- How would you describe the relationship between technology and art?
Technology and art is a delicate symbiotic relationship, each conferring positive, and sometimes negative, aspects to its counterpart. As one progresses, so, too, does the other.

- Which art work, described in the history of art and technology, as recounted in the introduction, was most interesting to you and why?
The piece I found most interesting was the piece done with words as buildings along the street. It was an interesting depiction of everyday society through words presented as images.

- Which of the works described in Chapter 1 would you like to experience in person?
Even with the risk of throwing up, I would like to see the piece with the skulls that were modified on the computer and then created to show a distorted view of the human anatomy. It was interesting to see in the book, but I don't think the image does it justice.

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