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Loose Ends

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Just a couple of things I forgot to post earlier,

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final project

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The source code and the compiled sketches of my final project right here:

Olivers Stop Motion

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Oliver's Artist Presentation

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Heres the links for the artist I presented a lil bit ago, David Lynch. (sorry might have to copy and paste...) -Six Men Getting Sick -Alphabet -Cooper's dream (Twin Peaks)

Anna's Reading Reflection

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I see a very close relationship between technology and art. The reading described how the advancements of technology in the 1940's with the introduction of computers presented new opportunities in art. These changes in the art industry provided new ways to alter all types of art including photos, paintings and even sculptors. When technology continues to progress, the possibilities for art can often expand as well.

I found the most interesting art work in the introduction to be L.H.O.O.Q., which was the reproduction of Mona Lisa with the addition of the mustache and goatee by Marcel Duchamp. This piece sparked my interest because although only created in 1919, it falls under the category of digital art in the chapter. Copying and manipulating the images seems like a daunting task for being so far back in time.

The piece that interested me the most in Chapter 1 was Beauty Composites by Nancy Burson. I would like to experience the piece in person because I spent a long time studying the two images of women's faces to try and make assumptions of what features were considered most beautiful during each era. I tried to pick out which features were taken from which pop culture icon, and found that I kept second-guessing my opinions. It would be even more interesting to do a third image for the women of 2010 and look at the differences between each of the 30-year intervals.

Artist Presentation

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Here is a link to my artist Guilherme Marconi's website:

Anna Buresh

Photoshop Assignment

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Anna Self-Portrait.jpg

Final Project

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Anna Buresh

jared and olivers project

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Lee's Independent Final Project

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My project was focused on doing a Stop-motion using legos as the objects. I then created a story line for it using audio musics, effects, and voiceovers, which are all done by me.

Justins Independent Project

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Stop Motion

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Final Project_Nick

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Mina processing

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Final Project-Alex McRandall

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Mina Final Art Project

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KX final art project

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Oliver's Walker Art Gallery Walk Through Review

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I took a trip to the Walker Art Museum on Tuesday after class, and it was really a treat. I had not yet been inside the walker since it has had its (relatively) new change, which is a shame because I live oh so close to it. As I slowly walked through the gallery the first couple of rooms had some pieces of interest to me, but nothing really stuck with me. Then on the 2nd or 3rd level, I happened to stumble into the exhibition called "With the Void, Full Powers", an exhibition of the french artist Yves Klein from the late 50's and early 60's. Most of Klein's art is all working with the monochrome, and pure simple yet beautifully rich colors. His art seems to be very elemental and simplistic in essence, and there were multiple rooms with different themes. For many of his paintings he used the female body as a paintbrush and you can see the imprint of the female form. There was one set of pieces that used fire on paper and wood over airbrushed forms to make beautiful paintings of gold, brown and black. Then there was another room with incorporated into his paintings, because he thought of the sponge as a very savage living material. Then they had a room with a series of paintings that were more 3 dimensional with a strong planetary focus. Lots of craters and 3D global paintings hanging from the ceiling. However I think my favorite room of Klein's that I stumbled into was a display of his monochrome paintings in different shapes and sizes all done in his trademark ultramarine pigment, which is known as "International Klein Blue". It is such a deep and dark yet very vibrant and beautiful blue, and I have a good quote from Klein explaining his passion for this beautiful hue:
"Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colors are not. They are psychological spaces; red, for example, presupposing a hearth releasing heat. All colors bring forth specific associative ideas, tangible or psychological, while blue suggests, at most, the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual nature what is most abstract." -Yves Klein
And so in this International Klein Blue room, the walls were filled up with these blue paintings of different shapes and sizes, but what really captured me was what was in the center of the room. There were three works that seemed like such a perfect set together and they stuck out to me because they were kind of an environmental ensemble. There was a long rectangular sandbox type area right in the middle of the room which was a wood tray with dry pigment, called "Pigment por bleu" And all of this sand or whatever substance it was, was so finely textured and evenly colored this deep rich blue hue. On one end of this rectangular area suspended in the air was a piece called "Blue Rain" which consisted of about 10 or so long skinny wooden dowels painted with dry pigment and synthetic resin of this Klein Blue, and then standing upright in the sandbox on one end was a tall folding screen also in the Klein Blue, called "Paravent". These three pieces stuck out to me because they stood out from the rest of his normal wall paintings (which I also enjoyed..) and this Paravent piece in particular was interesting because it was created with the purpose to stand in place and then wrap the folding screen around you, therefor enabling you to be "enveloped by the blue". I just wish this was possible, but I don't think it would be appropriate to tromp through the blue sandbox and disturb the artistic display of his works...

Apart from the work of Yves Klein, I kept walking up and up in the museum and I entered another exhibit of the Medtronic Gallery, called A Shot In The Dark, and there was one piece which really mesmerized me. It was called "Rug" by Robert Breer, and it was so perplexing. All it was was a large piece of aluminum foil type wrapping paper, somewhat crumpled and lying on the ground, and from a distance that is all it seemed to be, and as I aproached it, I noticed that under this crumpled foil, there was a strange ticking noise and it was just shifting oh so slightly. It was almost as if it was a heart beat or as if it was breathing. It had a motor under it making this happen, and even though I knew this, I just could not walk away from it! it just raised such a feeling of curiosity from within me. I so badly just wanted to lift that sheet off the ground and see what was going on underneath it. However, this would also be very inappropriate behavior in an art museum haha.

Overall It was a very good trip and museum visit. I really really enjoyed walking through and seeing all this art. It opened my mind.

Final Art Project

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Here is my final art project. It's called "Just the Beginning."

Artist Presenation (Links)_Nick

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Here are the links for the artists I talked about in my presentation: -Where I found the filmmaker and photographer

Filmmaker- Drea Cooper-

Photographer- Zackary Canepari-

My Artist Presentation

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My artist presentation focused on Wayne Lytle who is the founder of Animusic. His focus is to synchronize music with animation graphical arts.

PEOPLE! Read me!


Hello! ^_^

Registration can be such a pain in the fanny, especially if you don't get the classes you want or you don't know what classes to register for. I've taken a bunch of COMM production courses and I think you all should consider registering for it if production/making a film is your thing. It's a lot of fun. Best part is, you don't have to be a COMM student to register for these classes.

COMM 3201 Introduction to Electronic Media Production
Introduction to production stuff, such as equipment and terms. You get to shoot (remake) a scene from an existing production (i.e. Harry Potter, A Few Good Men, etc.).

COMM 3204 Advanced Electronic Media Production
(prereq 3201)
In this advanced class, students have two main productions that they'll focus on throughout the semester: a PSA (for an existing nonprofit organization) and the teaser AND title sequence to a pilot of a show you and your group created.

COMM 4204 Producing for Television: Theory and Practice
(prereq 3201, 3204)
In this advanced, ADVANCED production course, you come up with an original television series, write the story and script, hold auditions and cast a crew, plan, shoot, and edit your production (all in ONE semester). It's a one-person team. I'm currently enrolled in this course this semester. I did my senior project in this course and I have to admit, it was the death of me. But, if I can do it, you can too. :)

video project

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Sorry it took me this long to finally upload the video project. But here it is. It's not the greatest but at least it's done now. Again sorry for the late project.

David Kosal Independent Project Video

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Pafoua's Final Project (Stop and Motion)

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This is my final project. It's title, "The Little Grasshopper". "The Little Grasshopper" is a stop and motion animation with audio and music.

The Little Grasshopper

Project Update

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I am no longer going to be doing processing for my project anymore. I am now going to do a stop motion. My goal is to have a similar concept as I had with processing, that I will try to make something visually appealing. It seems like a really broad idea right now, but I wanted to go for a simpler theme rather than a deep concept.

David Kosal Independent Project

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For my Independent Project I am doing a music video using Final Cut Express. The song I'm using is Rocketeer by Far East Movement. It will mostly be a montage and I will use lots of transitions to show the passing of time. Since it is a music video there will be some sections that shows the subjects singing but it will all be lip syncing.

The main theme is really about the innocence of childhood and the imagination that we lose as we grow older. It will be a sort of parody on the original music video because it is a little serious and I wanted to show a more light-heart version with some comedic elements.

It will be about four minutes with an intro and then the song.

I already have the videos recorded and I just need to edit them. If I need more video I will get some later this weekend.

Project Update

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I have slightly changed the plan for my independent project. I will be using photoshop and audio for sure and hopefully video. The concept and everything is still the same but i have decided to change how i am going to show the concept.

Independent Project

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I have decided to change and work on a stop-motion story using legos as my objects.

Artist presentation

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For my presentation I focused on two designers:

Scott Hansen aka ISO 50 aka Tycho.

Scott is Based out of San Fransisco. He had no formal training as an artist/designer however he excelled and eventually worked for companies such as Adobe doing freelance design work. His success prompted him to start a design studio and complete various works with the help of a small team. His blog was originally intended to showcase his design work but it turned into a something much more than that. Now many people from his team post works that reflect the retro-minimal style with a splash of grunge.

Storm Thorgerson

He is a British Designer and Surrealist photographer who is commissioned by many musical artists and bands to create album artwork and music videos to accompany their music. Some familiar images are the Audioslave self titled album, Peter Gabriel's self titled album, several Alan Parsons albums, and most of the Pink Floyd Artwork.

Reflection: Museum and film

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This reflection is way pass overdue but I've been incredibly busy with school and work, especially school. I wasn't able to attend the Walker Films event with the class due to a night class that I have on Monday and Wednesday nights. Originally, I was planning to attend one of Walker Arts' Thursdays events but I couldn't squeeze it into my schedule. So instead, I did the following:

Over Thanksgiving break, I went to a Hmong bookstore in St. Paul called, Hmong ABC. Yeah, it's a bookstore but if you go to the upper level, you'll find that the owners of the store have started their very own Hmong museum. It's small but it has everything in print, writing, film, material, objects, etc. that has something to do with the Hmong culture and history that they can get their hands on. Their small library include a small series of films created by inspiring Hmong filmmakers that dates all the way back to when the first Hmong immigrants first started arriving to the US. I was looking at a few of them and while watching them, it's interesting how the style of these inspiring filmmakers has changed as their knowledge and technology advances with time.

I wasn't sure if this will make up for the Walker Arts films field trip so, I attended the Asian Film Festival that was held in St. Anthony Main Theatre from Nov. 3-13. I didn't see all of the films but for the one that I did see, it was titled, "A Brand New Life" by director Ounie Lecomte. It is a Korean film about a little girl whose dad abandoned her and left her at an orphanage home to be adopted by another family. It was a really sad movie. The cuts were smooth and the footage was shoot nicely with a few nice and creative angles. Overall, the film itself was good but it's not my type of film. It's sad, slow, and too sad.

Independent Project_Nick Fay

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For my project I am going to create a stop motion but create it in a different way. I will begin by taking a photo of some hebrew text on the wall of my apartment (white backdrop). I want to use this photo and maybe a few other's that are relatively the same and manipulate them with photoshop. I want to add noise to the photo and create the effect/look that the text is moving through time and becoming weathered. The final result will be more or less a stop motion time lapse of about 2-3 minutes.

The fist step for my project will be to capture a few photos that have the look that I want for the stop motion because I will use these for the entire project. It will be important to get some good photos.

Mary's Independent project

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Okay! So while I was on the elliptical for an hour I had an epiphany of what I really wanted to do for my independent project. Something that I've always thoroughly enjoyed doing is creating a sort of personal collage using words/images from a multitude of magazines. So I am going to create several collages each with a different theme (I've got a couple in mind, still pondering the rest- all along the lines of motivational/inspirational), and scan those onto the computer.Those are going to go through a slideshow (using iMovie), but pause on each one and a song/ my voice will be playing/saying something related to the theme of the picture. It will be very personal for me, but I also hope it is also very relate-able to the viewers.

Jared and Oliver's Project idea

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Ok so we are going to do a mixture or stop motion and a slide show of photo graphic works. We decided on light graffiti for our artistic focus. we are going to travel around different spots in Minneapolis which will be documented via stop motion. Then we will go into slide show mode and display the works we created. the real beauty comes with the use of unique light brushes. we are going to look for interesting mobile light sources that will create unique paintings over the urban landscape.

Independent Project Presentation Schedule

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Tuesday December 14th

1) David

2) Alex

3) Pafoua

Thursday December 16th

1) Anna

2) Nick

3) Justin

4) Logan

5) Oliver + Jared

6) Mary

7) Bryan

8) Lee

9) Akouma

10) Kaonue

11) Mina

12) Bryan


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Independent Project

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The Independent Project is designed to provide you the opportunity to synthesize your experience in the 1601 class by choosing media and techniques that interest you and content that resonates with your artistic sensibility.

You may create a solo Independent Project or a Collaborative Independent Project.

If you choose to do a Collaborative Independent Project I will ask that all of the collaborators contribute equally to the concept development and that you are conscious of sharing the work. As part of your documentation process I will ask each collaborator to describe her/his process.

Prior to class on Tuesday December 7th, post your completed description of your independent project. You may create your description by any means - text, audio file, drawing, video, animation.

Your description includes:

• the media and techniques that you will use

• the content or theme that informs your work

• if it is a time-based work, the duration [5 min or less]

• your plan of action - how you will move between your idea and the completion of your project

Olivers processing

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// Learning Processing
// Daniel Shiffman

// Example 17-5: Rotating text

PFont f;
String message = "patyourselfonthebackifyoucanreadthis";
float theta;

void setup() {
f = createFont("Arial", 20, true);

void draw() {

textFont(f); // Set the font
translate(width/2,height/2); // Translate to the center
rotate(theta); // Rotate by theta
textAlign(RIGHT) ;

// The text is center aligned and displayed at (0,0) after translating and rotating.
// See Chapter 14 or a review of translation and rotation.

// Increase rotation
theta += 0.75;

Mina-Art presentation

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His blog.
my favorite is "A wolf loves pork" and "guruguru libido"

I didnt mention during the presentation but while after he put his "the wolf loves pork" on Youtube, the rumor spread on the internet tha "Olympus company copied his work for the CM "Pen story" and he received the e-mail from Olympus saying that the CM was inspired by his work and they want him to be a director of making second CM for them, which was Olympus PEN Giant.

processing sketch

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float boxSize = 40;
float margin = boxSize*2;
float depth = 400;
color boxFill;

void setup() {
size(640, 360, P3D);

void draw() {

translate(width/8, height/8, -depth);
rotateY(frameCount * 0.01);
rotateX(frameCount * 0.75);

for (float i =- depth/2+margin; i <= depth/2-margin; i += boxSize){
for (float j =- height+margin; j <= height-margin; j += boxSize){
for (float k =- width+margin; k <= width-margin; k += boxSize){

boxFill = color(abs(i), abs(j), abs(k), 50);
translate(k, j, i);
box(boxSize, boxSize, boxSize);

Marys Artist Presentations - Enjoy!

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Jerico Santander

Alberto Seveso


Marys Processing Sketch

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Alex McRandall-Processing sketch

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Jared's processing sketch

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So I didn't know where I was going with this I was looking through Google images and I saw Kirby so I figured I would focus the sketch around him. This was not made from scratch I it is really a modification and compilation of two different tutorials. None of the images were drawn they are PNG files. one question that might arise "why PNG?" well when you save a jpeg you get a ton of white space around your images and that just looks like rubbish. so when you use a PNG after cutting out an image from a picture it leaves the space around your image transparent just like the icons on your computer.

I used the bouncing head program program as the main program so when you download the file and open the folder open the "kirby splash screen" pde and the others will open along with it. the "head" class is for kirby himself. All i did was slow down the rotation and change the image. For the clouds class I modified the head class and turned off rotation so the clouds will just translate across the plane horizontally. I didnt change anything for the weather just used the same class to call upon the data and then changed the colors and font.

processing sketch -Mina

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processing is interesting but takes time to get used to it..

Processing Sketch_Nick

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// Learning Processing
// Daniel Shiffman

// Example 15-2: Image "sprite"

PImage head; // A variable for the image file
float x,y; // Variables for image location
float rot; // A variable for image rotation

void setup() {

// Load image, initialize variables
head = loadImage("awesome.jpg");
x = 0.5;
y = width/2.5;
rot = 0.3;

void draw() {

// Translate and rotate

// Images can be animated just like regular shapes using variables, translate(), rotate(), and so on.

// Adjust variables for animation
x += 6.0;
rot += 0.06;
if (x > width+head.width) {
x = -head.width;

Bryan's Final Project

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I may have bit off more than I can chew, but I am going to attempt to take a series of digital photographs of explosions of various types (chemical, electrical, fireworks, water balloons, etc.). I am aiming for 5 total images... let's hope I keep all of my fingers and toes.

Anna's Processing Sketch

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