Anna's Reading Reflection

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I see a very close relationship between technology and art. The reading described how the advancements of technology in the 1940's with the introduction of computers presented new opportunities in art. These changes in the art industry provided new ways to alter all types of art including photos, paintings and even sculptors. When technology continues to progress, the possibilities for art can often expand as well.

I found the most interesting art work in the introduction to be L.H.O.O.Q., which was the reproduction of Mona Lisa with the addition of the mustache and goatee by Marcel Duchamp. This piece sparked my interest because although only created in 1919, it falls under the category of digital art in the chapter. Copying and manipulating the images seems like a daunting task for being so far back in time.

The piece that interested me the most in Chapter 1 was Beauty Composites by Nancy Burson. I would like to experience the piece in person because I spent a long time studying the two images of women's faces to try and make assumptions of what features were considered most beautiful during each era. I tried to pick out which features were taken from which pop culture icon, and found that I kept second-guessing my opinions. It would be even more interesting to do a third image for the women of 2010 and look at the differences between each of the 30-year intervals.

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