Artist presentation

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For my presentation I focused on two designers:

Scott Hansen aka ISO 50 aka Tycho.

Scott is Based out of San Fransisco. He had no formal training as an artist/designer however he excelled and eventually worked for companies such as Adobe doing freelance design work. His success prompted him to start a design studio and complete various works with the help of a small team. His blog was originally intended to showcase his design work but it turned into a something much more than that. Now many people from his team post works that reflect the retro-minimal style with a splash of grunge.

Storm Thorgerson

He is a British Designer and Surrealist photographer who is commissioned by many musical artists and bands to create album artwork and music videos to accompany their music. Some familiar images are the Audioslave self titled album, Peter Gabriel's self titled album, several Alan Parsons albums, and most of the Pink Floyd Artwork.

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