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Registration can be such a pain in the fanny, especially if you don't get the classes you want or you don't know what classes to register for. I've taken a bunch of COMM production courses and I think you all should consider registering for it if production/making a film is your thing. It's a lot of fun. Best part is, you don't have to be a COMM student to register for these classes.

COMM 3201 Introduction to Electronic Media Production
Introduction to production stuff, such as equipment and terms. You get to shoot (remake) a scene from an existing production (i.e. Harry Potter, A Few Good Men, etc.).

COMM 3204 Advanced Electronic Media Production
(prereq 3201)
In this advanced class, students have two main productions that they'll focus on throughout the semester: a PSA (for an existing nonprofit organization) and the teaser AND title sequence to a pilot of a show you and your group created.

COMM 4204 Producing for Television: Theory and Practice
(prereq 3201, 3204)
In this advanced, ADVANCED production course, you come up with an original television series, write the story and script, hold auditions and cast a crew, plan, shoot, and edit your production (all in ONE semester). It's a one-person team. I'm currently enrolled in this course this semester. I did my senior project in this course and I have to admit, it was the death of me. But, if I can do it, you can too. :)


hey I think you were gone the day we took the tour of the studios in the regis building, but they talked about the COMM 3201 class, and after that I looked into it online, but could only find it as a summer class not as one for this spring. do you know if this is right? or is it maybe just a fall and summer course. please let me know!

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