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Oliver's Artist Presentation

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Heres the links for the artist I presented a lil bit ago, David Lynch. (sorry might have to copy and paste...) -Six Men Getting Sick -Alphabet -Cooper's dream (Twin Peaks)

Artist Presentation

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Here is a link to my artist Guilherme Marconi's website:

Anna Buresh

David Kosal Artist Presentation

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Wong Fu Productions started off as a group of UCSD film students making videos as a hobby. It has since grew into an independent studio that focuses on short films but has also branch out into other areas such as music video and working with other independent groups. They have since been a role model for Asian-Americans, who are usually underrepresented in the mainstream media, and has given them a voice. Many themes of the work are also universal and deals with everyday life in our society so that their messages are not just limited to Asian-American, but can be reached out globally.

Some of their works include:

When Five Fell:
This video uses objects to tell the story about unrequited love.

Orient Express:
The challenge was to make a video with only the four sentence of dialogue used in the video.

Technology Ruins Romance: The Letters
A short comedy film about how technology changes our relationships

Laurel Beckman- Alex McRandall

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Here is the link to Laurel Beckman's work.

Artist Presentation: Yang Fudong

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Ladies and Gents, give a hand to Yang Fudong!

Yang Fudong1.ppt
Prada: Spring

Artist Presentation Guide

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Presentation Guide

Chose a contemporary (living) artist or collaborative group of artist as the focus of your presentation.
Select an artist whose work with digital media relates to the areas that we are exploring in our course: digital imaging, sound art, video art, interactive art, experimental art.

Include the following in your Artist Presentation:

- Background information about the artist.

- Discuss what attracted you to the work of this artist.

- Highlight two examples of this artist's work and use these to describe the artist's relationship to the ideas that inform this work.

-Describe how these works relate to the artist's larger body of work.

- Relate this artist, via content, process, technology, perspective, etc. to that of another contemporary artist or artists from another time period.

- Discuss how this artist's work informs your own thinking.

- Pose a question to the group that is a catalyst for discussion.

>>>>>Following your presentation<<<<<

- enter a post on the blog that includes the information described above

- links to examples of the artist's work

- Statement describing how this artist's work and/or process informs your thinking.


Stephen Wilson's links to artists working within the larger context of Art & Technology.

ubuweb list sound and video artists among others. Confirm that you have selected an artist who includes the use of digital technologies in her or his work or perhaps an artist who use digital media as their artistic medium.