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Project Update

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I am no longer going to be doing processing for my project anymore. I am now going to do a stop motion. My goal is to have a similar concept as I had with processing, that I will try to make something visually appealing. It seems like a really broad idea right now, but I wanted to go for a simpler theme rather than a deep concept.

David Kosal Independent Project

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For my Independent Project I am doing a music video using Final Cut Express. The song I'm using is Rocketeer by Far East Movement. It will mostly be a montage and I will use lots of transitions to show the passing of time. Since it is a music video there will be some sections that shows the subjects singing but it will all be lip syncing.

The main theme is really about the innocence of childhood and the imagination that we lose as we grow older. It will be a sort of parody on the original music video because it is a little serious and I wanted to show a more light-heart version with some comedic elements.

It will be about four minutes with an intro and then the song.

I already have the videos recorded and I just need to edit them. If I need more video I will get some later this weekend.

Independent Project

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The Independent Project is designed to provide you the opportunity to synthesize your experience in the 1601 class by choosing media and techniques that interest you and content that resonates with your artistic sensibility.

You may create a solo Independent Project or a Collaborative Independent Project.

If you choose to do a Collaborative Independent Project I will ask that all of the collaborators contribute equally to the concept development and that you are conscious of sharing the work. As part of your documentation process I will ask each collaborator to describe her/his process.

Prior to class on Tuesday December 7th, post your completed description of your independent project. You may create your description by any means - text, audio file, drawing, video, animation.

Your description includes:

• the media and techniques that you will use

• the content or theme that informs your work

• if it is a time-based work, the duration [5 min or less]

• your plan of action - how you will move between your idea and the completion of your project