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Alex McRandall-Processing sketch

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Anna's Processing Sketch

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One example from the online Exhibition that I like is "MTV ID 2009" by Dimitre Lima. I chose this sketch because the psychedelic patterns keep me interested. When I watch I'm not really paying attention to the "MTV" graphics, just how they unfold and swirl around are so beautiful to me. The artist must have created the work by using the original MTV logo and morphing it into different pieces.

I LOVED "Body Navigation" by Ole Kristensen. I love how they used real people that danced through different images in the same space throughout the piece. Different images appeared on the ground and the dance was choreographed to follow whatever was moving under their feet. I am not entirely sure how this was created, but from some shadows that I saw from the dancers I am assuming it was done through projectors on the ceiling. It was a beautiful piece and very creative. I encourage anyone that enjoys dance to check this out!!


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For our final sketch we will be exploring to open source software Processing - available to you for free downloading.

In preparation for Tuesdays class on 11/16 download processing onto any machine that you have access to between now and Tuesday morning.

Explore some of the ways that artists and designers have used Processing in the online Exhibition.

Due Tuesday:

A. Do the Getting Started tutorial

Browse through some of the other tutorials so that you have a sense of what is possible to do with Processing/

B. Select two examples from the online Exhibition and describe:

1) why you selected each of these examples

2) what attracted you to each of them

3) how do you think the artist or designer created this work